Reading: Lauryn Youden

Reading: Lauryn Youden

Saturday March 16th, 5-20pm

As part of the exhibition 'When the Sick Rule the World', Lauryn Youden will be reading her new text, "the more I listen to my body, the more it seems to be screaming" on Saturday March 16th from 5pm. 

Lauryn Youden (b. 1989 Vancouver) is a Canadian artist based in Berlin. Her practice is a methodology of performative ceremonies. The objects, installations and writings found in her work are both the traces left behind from these actions as well as tools for providing self-care. These derive from Youden’s lifelong navigation through modern Western medicine and alternative healing practices for the treatment of her own mental illnesses. By publicly presenting her personal experiences, Youden’s work inevitably illuminates repressed, marginalized and forgotten practices and knowledge in medicine and care. 

Youden was awarded the Berlin Art Prize in 2016 and is co-director of the project space Ashley Berlin. 

This event is supported by the Canadian Embassy in Berlin.