Stories We've Been Told

Stories We've Been Told

by Picture Berlin

Summer Session 2018
Final Exhibition 17-21 August

Opening: 16 August 7pm
Finissage: 21 August 7-10pm

PICTURE BERLIN is proud to present the final exhibition of PB Summer Session 2018 - Stories we've been told - curated by An Paenhuysen.

Whatever it is, it's coming from the outside;
A set of rules camping on the road
Versions of Self that are so real
A discomfort that feels comfortable and so
We throw it against the wall and see what sticks

The exhibition features works made the residents during PB Summer Session:

Saba Askari
Amelia Eskenazi
Tegwen Evans
Lizzy Freedman
Myriam Haccoun
Emma Matsuda
Camilla Mecagni
Sarah Sampedro
Elana Scott
Renee Springer
Xiwen Zhu

Come join us for the opening at Gr_und on Thursday 16/8 at 19:00.
The exhibition will also be open to the public 17/8 - 21/8.

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