OTTO live :: Record Release / KRIS BAHA / LOW BAT / LARS NOLL

OTTO live :: Record Release / KRIS BAHA / LOW BAT / LARS NOLL/
represented by Superposition at gr_und

18 05 2018 9 pm - 6 am

Superposition curates events in different venues (galleries and clubs) to create a new perception of music as a immaterial form of art.

Club Venues and Art Galleries are not too dissimilar architecturally but emotionally they lend themselves to an entirely different set of behaviours. Looking at cult spaces of immersion and how they are activated when a body or eye settles into a non-objective state is our aim. The essence of action is found much more distinctly on a dance floor than inside the frame. Sound in art is merely an expansion of an already available viewpoint, although it is often forgotten as a material.
The motivation behind creating a sound score to act as an audio exhibition, comes from an increased awareness that listening as an act is much more of a collective stance than viewing today. The departure point for this exhibition is to push sound into contemporary curatorial avenues, as a self identifying genre.

special thanks for the collaboration with the record label Orgaton and OTTO to release their new EP >>STIMMUNGEN<< with us! ORGATON is a society for promotion of organ music and sounds.

OTTO (ORGATON, Charlois)
KRIS BAHA (Power Station, Pinkman, Bahnsteig)
LOW BAT (Night Travel on a blanket/ t r a n c e )
Lars Noll