The Berta VOL. 6

The Berta VOL. 6

We’re pleased to announce that gr_und will host the next Berta Vol. 6

Participating artists

Jorge Chamorro:
Kevin Ldk.:
Marcos Mangani:
Johannes Mundinger:
Luz Peuscovich:
St. & St.:

Curated by Camille Cousin and ELi Cornejo. Organized by Arnejo Corata, Juan Arata & Eli Cornejo. The Berta returns to Wedding, to gr_und, an active space for the materialisation of curated concepts. Thanks to it’s team for the trust and support.

Special guests will share the night with us: the talented and versatile Matilde Keizer hosting the event and Dácil Granados, a.k.a Playa Chica Dj, playing her sparkling and fun music sets through the night. There will be also a bar with snacks and drinks, an art lottery. A perfect plan for sharing a lovely Sunday, come!

If you want to be part of the art raffle and become sponsor of the artists and this project then GET YOUR TICKET:

Art Raffle-Finissage: 3rd December, 5 pm -10 pm
Exhibition Opening: 24th Nov. 6pm-10pm. Runs till 3rd Dec. 2017 - Opening hours: Thur - Sat ​4pm - 7pm

For further information visit:
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Berta Team - Camille Cousin, Juan Arata et ELi Cornejo