No Frame Portrait

Andrea Dodicianni, No Frame Portrait
Fri 25 Mai   6-10 pm
Sat 26 and Sun 27   3-7 pm

“If I am able to communicate with people I do not know through music, even if they don’t speak my language, then this could mean that ethnic, linguistic, and cultural prejudices are unfounded”.

In August 2017, Dodicianni performed “No Frame Portrait” in Bolzano. The artist did an anonymous advertising campaign inviting 50 people in a room to be portrayed for free; there, they found an artist with a piano instead of a painter. Without any verbal contact, the artist has, therefore, portrayed these people with his own piano, composing for each of them a short improvised composition. With this performance, Dodicianni intended to demonstrate how music is the only language able to overcome those predominantly linguistic barriers that divide the city of Bolzano for historical reasons.

Dodicianni was born 1989 in Cavarzere, a small village near Venice. He developed a passion for contemporary art at the University of Padova, where he attended classes in Cultural Heritage. With his performances, often provocative and controversial, the artist tries to shake the society that surrounds him, almost always dealing with social issues. His art is a poor, rudimentary and sometimes childish one, which leads him to relate to the topics he treats in a spontaneous, and incisive way.